$2.50 for a 10-Pack of Stanley Cup Quarters + Free Shipping Code

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering 2017 25-Cent 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup Ten Coin Pack for $2.50 (no tax + free shipping).

Enter the promotional code FREESHIPSIGNUP  at guest checkout to get free shipping.

There’s a limit of 1 order per household. The offer is available in Canada only and will start shipping on April 10, 2017.

I bought the deal as soon as I saw it. It’s a no brainer – you have nothing to lose. You basically spend $2.50 to get $2.50 of mint collector coins.

Act quick as this may sell out quick – mintage of 75,000.

The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to mark the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup with a quarter—pocket change that pays tribute to hockey’s ultimate prize and a celebrated Canadian icon.

The design of this new coin depicts the Stanley Cup® flanked by two hockey players. On the left is a player who would have vied for the trophy in its earliest days; on the right is a player from today’s era. Together, they represent the full span of the Cup’s rich history.

Don’t wait to find the 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup® commemorative quarter in your pocket change. Order now to get these beautifully crafted quarters, sealed as a special keepsake, to get them today and hold on to them.

Click here to visit to place an order now or for more details.

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