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I’ve been asked by several people how Canada Deals Blog came to be, so I thought this would be the perfect place to tell my story. I’m a simple guy really – I love the winter, all things car-related, hockey, golf and video games. But my biggest passion is deals.

I can’t get enough of them. They’re irresistible to me. Half off for a bag of rocks? Yes, please!
If it were an Olympic sport, I’d be the Michael Phelps of deal hunting. My friends and family have always known me to be a deal hunter, and I’ve always shared with them the best deals I could find by either calling them or emailing them. But one day I figured, why not share my passion with the world? Because let’s be real here, who doesn’t love deals?

So I did. And that, my friends, is how Canada Deals Blog was born. It started off small, but apparently I’m not the only one who has a hunger for discounts. It’s exploded in popularity since – it’s even been featured recently on Global News TV and Toronto Star!

Truth be told, it’s been a blessing and a curse because some of these deals are just too good to pass up which has ultimately burned a hole in my wallet, but it’s been worth every penny. I’ve taken advantage of many of the deals myself – my favourites being restaurants, spas and cleaning/maid service deals.

What I love personally about these deals (other than the discounts of course) is that you get to experience new products and services that you never would have before. And for the really great deals, you can stock up on the vouchers as many of them don’t expire for a full year or even at all. I know there’s been a few deals that I regret not purchasing more of but believe me, I won’t be making that mistake again.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a simple way to check out all the amazing deals, check back here each day and sign up for my mailing list so you don’t ever miss a hot deal!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy Canada Deals Blog.

-Raymond Lau


What Canada Deals Blog is all about!
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