Energy Efficiency Alberta: Register Now for Residential NO-CHARGE Energy Savings Program

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Energy Efficiency Alberta (program by Government of Alberta) is a new provincial agency providing programs and services to help Albertans save money and energy.

The Residential NO-CHARGE Energy Savings Program offers direct, no-charge installation of energy efficient products along with qualifying products for FREE in Albertans’ houses, apartments and condos. Whether you own or rent your home, an Energy Efficiency Alberta installer will visit your home and conduct a walk-through to identify potential opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades at no charge. Most homes can be upgraded in about an hour. The program is expected to cost the Alberta Government $21.5 million.

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s trained installers will be in the field starting in April 2017. Sign-up now to be one of the first to have energy efficient product upgrades installed in your home free of charge. When they visit, the trained installers will—at no charge—install energy-savings products that will allow you to save money right away. These products—lightbulbs, faucet aerators, and smart thermostats—will help your home become more energy efficient.

Please share this with family, friends, and neighbours. They will be visiting the entire province over the course of 2017, but the more registrations in your area, the quicker they will visit!

How does it work?
Getting your no-charge, energy-efficient products is easy:

  1. Fill out the form to register.
  2. You’ll receive a call to schedule your installation, and a second call from the installer the day prior to their visit.
  3. An installer will visit your home, and conduct a walkthrough to identify potential opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades at no charge.
  4. The installer will upgrade your home to energy-efficient products, and show you how to use them. Most installations don’t take longer than an hour.
  5. You’ll save money and conserve energy—immediately. And the products are yours to keep at no charge!

What kinds of products are included?

  • LED lightbulbs
  • LED nightlights
  • Faucet aerators
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Advanced power strips for audio-visual equipment
  • Smart thermostats

When will the program launch?
Installations will begin in early April 2017, but you can sign up now to be among the first people in your area to get energy-efficient products at no charge.

Why is it free?
It is free to Albertans who register for the program. It is not free in the sense that this program is funded from the revenues earned from the carbon tax (which we pay through other means). The program is expected to cost $21.5 million.

If you have any questions, visit or contact them at or 1-844-357-5604.

Click here to for details or to schedule a no-charge installation of energy savings products.

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