TRAVEL HACKING: – Double Sign-Up Bonus – FREE $58 CAD Travel Credit!


Take advantage of this special Travel Hack and get double the regular sign-up bonus on Airbnb! I tested it and can verify that it works!

Instead of getting the regular $29 CAD in free credits when you first sign-up for an Airbnb account using my refer-a-friend link, sign-up through this new link and you’ll get $58 CAD (twice as much)! The only difference is the new link is in Chinese. The page layout is exactly the same as the regular English page (Chinese instead of English) so you can either open up the regular English page in your browsers Incognito mode and use it as an reference, or us Google Translate. You can’t switch the language to English until you finished signing-up or else you will get $29 free credits instead of $59.

Once the free credits is in your account, you can use it towards your first booking on Airbnb to anywhere in the World.

I’m not sure how long this special offer will last so sign-up for an Airbnb account now and get the $59 CAD free credits before it’s gone.

If you’ve haven’t tried yet, it is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any budget, anywhere in the world. Ever since I first heard about the Airbnb, it’s the first place I check online whenever I need a hotel room or a place to stay. Airbnb offers a huge selection of vacation rentals, apartments, homes, rooms, cabins, castles, etc… for rent in 34,000 cities. I recommend checking out Airbnb if you need to rent a place or have something you would like to rent out.

Click here to sign-up now to get your free $58 CAD travel credit (Chinese page).

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