UPDATE: ZenBanx – Successfully Exchanged $250CAD for $250US + Free $10 Sign-Up Bonus

Zenbanx $250US Deposit

Just wanted to give everyone who signed up for the “Zenbanx: Exchange CAD to USD at Par – FREE $75 Profit + FREE $10 Sign-Up Bonus” offer that I blogged about last week a quick update. I checked my Zenbanx account and successfully transferred $250 CAD for $250 USD, plus received the $10 sign-up bonus! With the currently exchange rate, that’s about a $85 profit for about 8 minutes of work. Thanks for the free money ZenBanx!

For those people who had some issues signing-up, as long as you started the process on August 3 or before, you still have until August 17 to complete the sign-up process and take advantage of the promotion and earn about $85! If you’re still having issues, contact Zenbanx. I’ve contact them a couple times and they have amazing customer support. If there’s another round of promotions, you want to be ready for it.

If you missed out on the offer, you can still sign-up for a Zenbanx account now and get the FREE $10 Sign-Up Bonus. Plus, you’ll also be able to take advantage of all of their future promotionss. They’ve had 2 promo’s so far on the last 2 holidays (Canada Day and Civic Holiday) so I’m hoping they’ll run another promotion on Labour Day (Sept 1).

Lot’s of people took advantage of deal last week. It was the most popular thread on RedFlagDeals with over 5,700 posts and over 365,000 page views.

Free $10 Sign-Up Bonus Instructions:

  1. Sign-up for a free Zenbanx account here.
  2. Complete the application form including your SIN and a ID (Ie. drivers license or passport).
  3. Add Linked Account (1 of 2 ways):
    A) Input your Bank Details (Institution #, Transit #, and Account #).
    B) Write a cheque to and from yourself for up to $250 and take a picture of it and upload it with the mobile app.
  4. ZenBanx will make 2 micro-deposits into your bank account within 1-2 business days.
  5. When you see the small amounts, enter them into your ZenBanx account to complete the verification process.
  6. You can now transfer money to/from this Linked account.

As an additional bonus, after you sign-up, you’re able to refer people, and both you and the person you refer will each get $10. You’ll also get a $100 bonus for every 5 people that you refer! Because this deal sells itself, it’s easy to convince people to sign up.

Click here to sign-up for ZenBanx account and receive your $10 Sign-Up Bonus!

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