Alokozay: FREE Sample of Premium Tea

You can request a FREE sample of Alokozay’s Premium Tea! To get the sample, you’ll need to complete the short online form telling them where to mail it and confirm your email.

Here’s more some description about their Tea:

Alokozay Tea produces the purest & finest tea products that make up a variety of black teas, green teas, flavored teas and herbal infusions. Each one is distinct in taste and unique in aroma, with flavors that cannot be replicated. Uncompromising in our approach to quality, we only use the top leaves of the tea plant. These are the youngest, tender and most flavorful leaves that produce the best, highest-quality cup of tea. What gives a unique appeal to the brand is a special tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), exclusively sourced and packaged by Alokozay Tea. The top tea plantations in tea growing nations such as India, Kenya, Vietnam & China have also been our regular sources of excellent quality teas for years.

Click here to request your FREE Sample of Alokozay’s Premium Tea.

Click here to visit Alokozay’s website for more information about them.

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