Blogger Service Disruption (May 12-13)

Canada Deals Blog is hosted on and their entire network was down for over 24 hours. You were still able to view and access the blog, but I couldn’t log into the account to do anything. Because of this, I was not able to update the blog this morning.

Blogger is one of the largest websites in the world and they’re working hard on fixing the issue. They are trying to restore their network back to a previous stable version (Wednesday, May, 11) which has resulted in them deleting all of my posts from yesterday (Thursday, May 12).

It looks like Blogger is FINALLY up and running! I was finally able to log into my account and according to Blogger’s status page, they are slowly restoring the posts that were temporarily removed.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone! I was sitting by my computer refreshing the page every couple minutes waiting for Blogger to be back to normal.

Thanks for reading and supporting Canada Deals Blog.

Raymond Lau

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