SUPER HOT DEAL: Flight & Hotel from Canada to Las Vegas for $12/person after tax!

I can’t thank Chris from YYC Deals enough for sharing this deal! This deal and code works for anywhere in Canada.

It’s such an incredible deal that I had to take advantage of it. I just booked a last minute flight to Las Vegas Nov 22-26. Direct Flight there and back on Westjet and staying at Planet Hollywood Resort. It came out to $212.30 per person after tax for everything (flight, hotel and taxes)! You can pay as low as $12 for flight + hotel including taxes per person if you select one of the cheaper hotels in Vegas!

Go to and use the promo code “SAVE300” to save $300 Off any flight and hotel package to Las Vegas, New York or Cancun until December 31st, 2010. This is a limit time offer and likely won’t last much longer so please take advantage of this deal while it lasts. just put out a promo code for $300 off flight + hotel packages – ridiculous deals
I just wanted to let people know that put out a promo code for $300 off flight + hotel packages, to Las Vegas, Cancun, and New York.

The thing is, it even works if you just search for 1 person, so it’s possible to get flight + hotel packages to Vegas down to $80 after tax, for flight + hotel.

And then you can just book the second person, and get another $300 off.

The code is valid from everywhere in Canada, and some of the deals that people have been getting are ridiculous.

I’ve already told everyone in Calgary, and you should see the prices that some people are getting using this code. As in, $50/person for flight + hotel (after tax!)…

It needs to be entered on the LAST page of the booking process, right before you actually pay.

Here’s a step by step guide…

1. Go to

2. Search for flight and hotel packages from your city to Vegas.

3. Sort the packages by price, pick the cheapest, or whatever you want, such as Gold Coast & Casino for $312/person.

4. Go through the annoying booking process, clicking continue, etc…. (you’ll be hitting ‘continue with booking’ a lot)

5. You’ll finally get to one that says ‘Accept rules & continue’… click that one

6. Now you’ll get to a screen that looks like this:

Enter in the voucher SAVE300 and apply the new price, reducing it by $300.

Which brings the total cost down to $300 after tax for 2 flights and hotel to Vegas!!!

Looks like it might be just one booking per credit card, but you can get some crazy prices if you book a flight + hotel package for just one person and apply the $300 discount.

To make the next booking, you should use a different computer, different Expedia account (or guest) and a different credit.

You can end up with 2 rooms for a couple, but that’s fine, just don’t use the second room.

Click here to visit YYC Deals for more information about this deal!

Click here to read more about this deal on YYC Forums.

Thanks again Chris! My wife and I can’t wait to go to Vegas on Monday!

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2 thoughts on “SUPER HOT DEAL: Flight & Hotel from Canada to Las Vegas for $12/person after tax!

  1. UPDATE 11/21 @ 12:04 AM – People are still reporting success with the SAVE300 code, you just need to keep hitting 'apply code' a bunch of times, and it will eventually accept it. Others say you just need to refresh the page a few times

  2. Looks like the code no longer works as of Sunday, November 21 @ 10AM. It was fantastic while it lasted. Congratulations to everyone who took advantage of the deal. It was shocking on cheap it was and Expeda must have took a big hit on the deal.

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