American Express: 25,000 + 30,000 = 55,000 FREE Aeroplan Miles!

American Express AeroplanPlus Gold CardAmerican Express Gold Rewards Card

Most of your have already signed-up for the American Express AeroplanPlus Gold Card. I first blogged about it 7 months ago and it quickly became my all-time most popular post. It’s still the best freebie and travel offer that I’ve ever seen. Pretty much everyone I know has signed-up for the card. If you haven’t yet, sign-up now and take advance of their incredible friends and family promotion and get 30,000 FREE Aeroplan Miles! That’s enough points for (2) round-trip short haul flights or a round-trip flight to anywhere in North America! American Express is also waiving the annual fee for the first year ($120 value) which means there’s zero cost to you making this an unbelievable freebie! You can cancel the card within the first year and keep all the bonus miles.

The next step after you’ve signed-up for the AeroplanPlus Gold Card is to sign-up for the Amerian Express Gold Rewards Card. It’s the 2nd best freebie and travel offer that I’ve ever seen. When you sign-up for the Amex Gold Rewards Card, you’ll get 25,000 FREE Membership Rewards points which you can transfer one-to-one to Aeroplan. There’s no annual fee for the first year ($150 value) and you can cancel the card within the first year and keep all your points. Similar to the AeroplanPlus Gold Card, you’ll need to charge $500 in purchases to your card within the first three months of Card membership.

The very best part of both these cards, and the reason I’ve earned over a million points is that American Express has an awesome referral program.  If you refer someone to sign up for the card under you, you get an extra 10,000 free bonus points!  There is no limit on what you can earn! You’ll get your own referral link after you sign-up and activate the card. Note: You’ll get the referral bonus if you refer cards within the same family you own (Ie. You can only refer AeroplanPlus Gold Card if you have a Amex Aeroplan card; you can only refer the Amerian Express Gold Rewards Card if you have a Amex Rewards Card).

I personally have both cards and think the Gold Rewards Card looks a lot nicer then the AeroplanPlus Gold Card.

Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart
Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart

SUMMARY: How to easily earn a lot of Aeroplan Points:

  • Step 1: Sign-up for the Amex AeroplanPlus Gold Card and get 30K Aeroplan Miles. No annual fee for the first year ($120 value).
  • Step 2: Sign-up for the Amex Gold Rewards Card and get 25K Membership Rewards points. Can transfer points one-to-one to Aeroplan. No annual fee for the first year ($150 value)

That’s 55,000 Aeroplan Miles for FREE (30K + 25K) if you complete Step’s 1 and 2. There’s zero cost should you cancel both cards within the first year (get to keep all the points).

Click here to sign-up for the AeroplanPlus Gold Card (Step 1)

Click here to sign-up for the American Express Gold Rewards Card (Step 2)

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